You can join Salus ry if you are studying health sciences at University of Tampere.

The membership fee is 6 € per academic year. By joining Salus ry you are:

  • Supporting Salus ry’s work in promoting the policies of education and work life for students of health sciences at UTA
  • You can attend the events and board meetings organised by Salus ry
  • You are eligible to become an executive board member of Salus ry, and you can participate in the subject association’s work in other ways
  • You get access to all other membership benefits

Joining Salus ry is easy! Simply follow the steps below and join our community!

1. Pay the membership fee of 6 € by bank transfer:

When paying, please make sure you use the reference number given below! Instructions for the payment:

Receiver: Salus ry
Account number: FI40 1146 3001 1526 25
Reference number: 2015093
Membership fee: 6 €

2. Send your contact information (full name and place of residence) via e-mail to salminen.etta.e(at)

The information is being used for the purpose of updating our member registry. We will not hand over any personal information to anyone. Please note: make sure you use your university e-mail address when sending your contact information to us, since this is the e-mail address we will be sending all our information to!

3. We will send you a confirmation of your membership once the payment has been made. Once you become a member of Salus, we will automatically add you to our mailing list if you haven’t already joined it.


Welcome to Salus ry!