Membership benefits

Salus ry offers to it´s members many different benefits. We organize different events and activities. Some of our events are completely free of charge to our members. Our goal is to provide activities suited for the broad spectrum of our members wishes. If you have any wishes on activities or events, do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas! (link to contact informations below)

We will inform our members about upcoming events via our mailing list and Facebook page and also in our Instagram.

By joining Salus Ry you are supporting our work in promoting the policies of education and work life for the students of health sciences at TUNI. In addition, Salus Ry is organizing excursions to different social welfare and health care related organizations, such as the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Our aim is to fulfil our members’ wishes when planning the excursions. Salus ry also organizes many other activities and events, such as student parties, sport events, get-togethers. Our aim is to offer versatile activities where our members can network with each other and make memorable memories.

Members of Salus Ry are also eligible to take part in our work. Salus’ meetings are always open for anyone to join and we encourage our members to take part in our meetings. New executive board is selected during the fall meeting of Salus ry. As a member you are eligible to join Salus’ Executive Board. It should be noted however, that the working language at Salus Ry is Finnish. The Executive Board contact information can be found here.